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>In engineering terms, this is equivalent to saying that if we are to
>build a common enterprise, we must do due diligence to ensure what we
>are talking about the same thing. This is not simply a matter of
>checking we have the same labels for the same concepts, but actually
>check that we have the same systematisation of the conceptual landscape.
>    (01)

Absolutely. I don't think anyone who has worked in ontology 
engineering or AI or Krep would disagree for a moment. We are all 
vividly aware of the need for this kind of vigilance. There are 
several methodologies available for trying to maintain it, including 
various techniques of 'knowledge extraction'. The fallacy of thinking 
that because a formal concept is labelled, say, 'human', that it 
therefore corresponds to anyone's actual concept of what "human" 
means, has been given a label in AI/KR work: it is called the 'gensym 
fallacy'. We teach it to undergraduate students, usually in their 
senior year.    (02)

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