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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 15:18:24 -0500
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>Another issue that has been sidestepped each time it has been 
>brought up, is the issue of how self-consistent logic functions 
>within a quantum world. How effective can it be?? Yes, at the macro 
>level, self-consistency is essential (engineering, manufacturing, 
>rules of the road, etc.), but at the micro level, there is a world 
>that is ever changing and influenced by a non-logical mind - 
>individual or collective. As the saying goes, "life will not be 
>denied." I am wondering, and I am hopeful, this topic will be 
>address by the learned leadership of this excellent forum.    (01)

Let me see if I can focus on what topic exactly you are referring to.    (02)

You mention quantum world and macro/micro. Do you mean to imply that 
micro=quantum-scale, and that at that scale, the world is not 
self-consistent? If so, do you mean by this, that quantum theory is 
not self-consistent, or that the world as described by quantum theory 
is not self-consistent? I don't think that either of these are true. 
The "quantum world" is indeed what one might call macro-peculiar, in 
that it obeys very different physical rules from the macro-world's 
physics; but it is not in any sense inconsistent. One can indeed 
acquire, with some effort, a quantum-theoretic physical intuition.    (03)

You also refer to the micro level as 'ever changing', which is indeed 
true but also seems to be true at the macro level, so I wonder why 
you bring it up?    (04)

Finally, you say that micro level is "influenced by a non-logical 
mind". What mind are you referring to here, and why is it non-logical?    (05)

Pat Hayes    (06)

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