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Re: [ontolog-forum] to concept or not to concept, is this a question?

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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 15:33:11 -0500
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>Weighing in with Ingvar...
>If I want to describe an organization*, is it the people, the facilities
>or the notion of an entity that performs some function in accordance
>with internal guidance* and external laws*? The ideas in the guidance
>and laws may be reduced to energy on phosphor or symbols in ink on paper
>but it's the ideas that matter. How do I describe the idea of a design*
>produced by the organization* that satisfies a customers mission
>statement* as they compete in a economic marketspace* to reach their
>annual goals*
>  * = subclass of Concept    (01)

Well now, I understand all of the above until that last claim. This 
seems to me to illustrate a wise observation by Doug Lenat: you might 
have to have an upper ontology, but which one you have doesn't really 
matter a damn, because there's very little useful to say at the upper 
levels, and whatever you really want to say at the middle levels, 
where all the actual content is, can be made to fit with just about 
any upper level you like. I know a fair amount about organizations, 
designs, mission statements and annual goals, and enough about 
economic marketplaces and internal guidance to follow what others are 
saying, but I'm damned if I know anything worth writing down about 
Concepts. And indeed, if I were asked to come up with a name for a 
superclass of all those *'s, my reaction would be that they have 
nothing whatever in common. I fail to see how an organization can 
possibly be said to be a concept, in fact, or for that matter a 
mission statement (I have actually held mission statements in my 
hands at various times). Of course we can speak of a concept of an 
organization, but that's not the same as the organization itself. Can 
a concept have legal rights? Some organizations do.    (02)

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