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Re: [ontolog-forum] {Disarmed} Reality and Truth

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Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 12:05:41 +0100
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 The problem is that it makes a
difference to me and my actions whether I (fallibly) think there is no
God or whether I (fallibly) think there is a God.

such as?
In order to determine out whether something exists or not exists you first have to know what it is
right? when you think that 'it would make a difference', what are you thinking of?

Maybe  you need to add a 'class' (superclass) to your belief system then you would have to set up a method of enquiry
could take a lifetime, or entire cycles of existence

I have read all the literature that I have come across that I could understand (just fragments of what exists), done a lot of practice and have come to my own conclusions.  I guess you will have to do the same.

Nobody can describe the taste and smell of things, you have to experience by yourself if you want know it
(free to all genuinely interested)

In the meantime, just to be on the safe side (you never know)....repent!


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