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Re: [ontolog-forum] {Disarmed} Reality and Truth

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Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 14:27:26 +0100
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Sometimes they
describe this presumed being as being at once omniscient, omnipotent,
and omingood with respect to the very world in which I am living, and
then it seems to me as if I am thinking of a logical contradiction.

I think many people know God only via a small subset of improbable verses, which may have been poorly transcribed and poorly translated and heavily interpreted and politically manipulted

 Thats where a lot of the confusion comes from, probably

If God is to be found, it is likely to be trhough a personal, intimate dialog within your soul, although surely
there are different myths, legends, accounts, theories about it
Each one will give a different version, a different testimonial some of which, I admit, is more credible than others.
 What would that possibly mean?

I don't bother about this oddity, it makes a difference to my life
whether I behave according to the (formal or informal) rules prescribed
by religion-of-kind-1, religion-of-kind-2, religion-of-kind-3, ...,
religion-of-kind-n, atheism-of-kind-1, atheism-of-kind-2, ..., or
atheism-of-kind-n. For various reasons, I have since long stopped
thinking seriously about the religion alternatives.

Very good start. Forget religions.They, like maths, are  just a formalism.

> Maybe  you need to add a 'class' (superclass) to your belief system
> then you would have to set up a method of enquiry
> could take a lifetime, or entire cycles of existence
> I have read all the literature that I have come across that I could
> understand (just fragments of what exists), done a lot of practice and
> have come to my own conclusions.  I guess you will have to do the same.

I have at least done much.

I dont think such research can even be complete, but enlightment can also arrive instantly according to some accounts

Have you experienced the smell of being an atheist that does not have to
bow in front of an unknowable something?

I experience the smell of bowing to what I chose to, when I  do.

do you think it's comparable?

>How do you know that your God doesn't like an honest atheist who tries
>to live a decent life better than a believer who believes and repents
>just for playing safe?

I know you'd be blessed




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