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Re: [ontolog-forum] {Disarmed} Reality and Truth

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Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 01:24:27 +0100
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HI Ingvar, and all

I did not comment on your mail because I do not want to trivialize such an important subject
But given the status, let me just say a couple of things

1. there are limits to the human ability to see/perceivee/understand/known the universe
we dont know if something that we cannot see/perceive/understand/ know actually does not exist, all we know is that we cant see/understand/know it. To conclude that something does not exist just because its not like you predict it/expect it/project it or just because you cant see it, would not be very scientific, I dont think

2. I am inclined to drop aspects of this conversations that are obviously based on ignorance of the subject - lets admit it, whether it exists or not, we dont know what we are talking about, and we cannot prove it either way
( I love to have conversations with people who have either some knowledge or some interest for a topic . Trying to convince someone who does not like honey that honey is actually very good, somehow is not my priority)

3. I do believe as someone suggested that from the ontology viewpoint, modelling belief is very interesting. those who believe, and those who dont, must be following different inferencing patters, and this would be nice to map and maybe it can be usefull knowledge to understand other aspects of our work

how shall we go about that?


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