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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 12:28:06 -0400
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Here is Watson's take on Ontologies (from https://researcher.ibm.com/researcher/view_page.php?id=2121)


Using Background Relational Knowledge and Inference

Abstract: The DeepQA framework contains a wide variety of passage scoring algorithms to evaluate supporting textual evidence for candidate answers to a question. However, there is often a need to go beyond pure linguistic analysis, and many questions require analyzing and exploiting background knowledge about a candidate answer to determine if it is correct. Often, geo-spatial and temporal information can help constrain the answer. Additionally, information about popularity ascertained from background data can be useful in domains such as Jeopardy! in which correct answers are often famous entities. Similarly, ontological knowledge about the relationships the candidate answer has to entities in the question can provide strong evidence supporting or refuting the answer. In order to use information in a relevant ontology or a structured knowledge base (KB), the system needs to map the textual mention of an entity to a corresponding resource in a KB, which is done using the KAFE framework. In this paper, we present a collection of non-linguistic, ontology and background-knowledge based algorithms, which evaluate a candidate answer’s correctness to a question, considering information about key entities mentioned in the clue.
On Apr 7, 2011, at 10:05 AM, Ron Wheeler wrote:

How about:

IBM's recent demonstration of the results that can be achieved by
integrating ontologies with multiple parallel reasoning engines should
create a lot of opportunities for  ontologists and companies that can
integrate ontological approaches into software tools.
As IBM pushes this approach into new application areas in their Smarter
Planet marketing blitz, ontology is about to enter the IT mainstream.
In the same way that IBM created the mass market for PCs, this
initiative may open the door for many organizations to seriously apply
this technology which has tradionally been poorly understood, to say the

2nd paragraph can talk about healthcare

3rd  could hint at how current ontology applications can be expanded or
applied to the "Watson" approach.
Challenges to current approaches and practitioners could be introduced.
Opportunities could be introduced.

Depends a bit on where you want to end up.


On 07/04/2011 2:16 AM, Matthew West wrote:
Dear John,

How about something like:

Ontology is like the air we breathe. In information systems it is all around
us, but we often do not notice it. However, if there are problems with it
can choke us.


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