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Thanks for the reference.  It's a three page definition of Umwelt, but here is a salient quote of what you may have meant:


What UexkuÈ ll uniquely realized was that the physical environment, in whatever sense it may be said to be the `same' for all organisms (we are speaking, of course, of the environment on earth, though much of what we say could be applied, mutatis mutandis, to biospheres on other planets should such eventually be found), is not the world in which any given species as such actually lives out its life. No. Each biological life-form, by reason of its distinctive bodily constitution (its `biological heritage', as we may say), is suited only to certain parts and aspects of the vast physical universe. And when this `suitedness to' takes the bodily form of cognitive organs, such as are our own senses, or the often quite di€erent sensory modalities discovered in other lifeforms, then those aspects and only those aspects of the physical environment which are proportioned to those modalities become `objecti®ed', that is to say, made present not merely physically but cognitively as well.


For those interested in conversational interfaces, Here is a free pdf about discourse and conversational analysis: 




There are a lot of discourse analysis papers in pdf on the web, but very few are really about the ontology within which a conversational system must operate.  Most are more Social Science, or English or Philosophy in context and don't go to the symbolic level. This is the best book I have come across so far, unless someone has a better one, also available on the web in a PDF or a Kindle version, or otherwise available to the casual researchers.  I will invest some time in this one, but only in studying it. 



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On 7/11/2015 10:48 PM, Rich Cooper wrote:

> Since you are so persistent about insisting that every observer sees

> the same objective reality as the next one, I will concede the point to you.


That's not what I said.


Everybody knows that different people (and animals) have different views, opinions, and ways of perceiving, thinking, and acting.


For example, your pet dog, cat, or whatever may live in your home.

But you and your pet have very different experiences and ways of perceiving and acting.  But it would be misleading to say that you and your pet live in different houses.


If you want a technical term that has an associated theory that has been explored in some depth, I suggest 'Umwelt'.  The 'Welt'

component means 'world', but the theory of the Umwelt focuses on the way it's experienced.  See the article by John Deely:



An excerpt:

> an Umwelt is not merely the aspects of the environment accessed in

> sensation. Far more is it the manner in which those aspects are

> networked together as and to constitute 'objects of experience'...

> Jakob von Uexküll ... saw that the difference between objects of

> experience and elements of sensation is determined primarily not by

> anything in the physical environment as such but by the relation or,

> rather, network and set of relations that obtains between whatever may

> be 'in fact' present physically in the surroundings and the cognitive

> constitution of the biological organism interacting with those

> surroundings here and now.




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