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Re: [ontolog-forum] What the difference re., Data Dictionary, Ontology,

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I would say that an Ontology is [IMHO] more than just a Data Dictionary,
because it contains also (kinds of) relationships.  To me an Ontology is
conceptually more of a Thesaurus.  Does that work?    (01)

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On 2/14/14 10:09 AM, David Eddy wrote:
> Totally aside from the fact that the central data dictionary simply 
> doesn't exist anymore in any commercial sense, organizations are far 
> too distributed today.  If there is a distributed data dictionary, 
> please speak up.    (04)

That's what you get when you incorporate Linked Data principles into
Ontology design.    (05)

An Ontology is (IMHO) very much a kind of Data Dictionary. I wait to be
convinced otherwise.    (06)

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