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[ontolog-forum] N-ary relationships and hypergraphs

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From: Phil Murray <pcmurray2000@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 08:32:10 -0500
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Although I am not an expert in knowledge representation, the current 
discussion of n-ary relations in representation of knowledge is very 
important to my interests.  So I have several questions:    (01)

    Are /hypergraphs /sufficiently well understood and accepted as a
    modeling tool for similar [n-ary] requirements?
    Are there any tools that support creation and visualization of
    hypergraphs [from data]?
    Gian Piero Zarri's /Representation and management of narrative
    information: Theoretical principles and implementation/ describes
    his Narrative Knowledge Representation Language (NKRL), an n-ary
    approach to representation of what I would call rhetorically
    coheren/t ///extended communications/./ (His
    well-researched discussion of "the n-ary problem" on pages 14-33 is
    particularly informative.) Are there *any other *non-binary models
    for representing complex objects [that is, objects with n-ary
    substructure] and relationships among those complex objects???
    Are there any SW tools that *directly *support pointing to
    (reifying) an arbitrary set of nodes and/or edges?
    And if this is not the right space to ask this and
    similar questions, where else would you suggest I look for answers?    (02)

Thanks,    (03)

Phil Murray    (04)

---------------------    (05)

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