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Hi Doug


This is an interesting angle and extension to enterprise ontology development. This perhaps is something that relates to your post. A while back I was looking at meanings and mappings and the terms behind folksonomies and narrative within social network / collaborative environments. Wherever you look in an enterprise there are parts that have syntactic and semantic discipline and others where the jargon, ambiguity and over use of metaphors (I would suggest that IT is one of the biggest culprits of this) makes understanding very difficult without local explanation.


I think the identity of social systems within enterprises is supported by the creation and use their own terminology. The bigger the enterprise the more diverse and creative these terms become. It was an interesting task, mapping as synonyms, some of these terms to more controlled sets. The question that arose was just how much ontological support or rules should there be on these terms within the development of business systems and the content within them. 


Looking deeper into this topic and I found George Lakoff’s publications very interesting – Metaphors We Live By and Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things






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