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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology-based database integration

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Erick    (01)

That is exactly the exercise we are going through at the moment - working 
out a migration path to integrate concventional systems to the SemWeb. As a 
company we have about 25 years experience with semantic standards for data 
exchange (I've only been involved for about 18), however even getting 
implementations in conventional technology is hard work.    (02)

The main problem is that information integration is not seen by the broader 
computing world as a specialist discipline, and consequently any programmer 
thinks he can do the job of writing a file format. Historically, most of our 
interchanges have been on a bilateral basis. This leads to lots of cheap, 
pairwise interfaces. Implementing a semantic data exchange standard is 
comparatively expensive and painful, and often it is hard to justify the 
payback until the second time you use it, which may be several years down 
the line.    (03)

If its hard to get implementations using conventional technology, then its 
going to be worse doing it with what is to most managers an obscure 
technology. There looks to be a business case for building interfaces to 
large numbers of loosely coupled systems. In particular, it should be easier 
to maintain and deploy ontology based systems. Understanding the migration 
path integrating existing systems, the costs involved, and the lifecycle 
costs of maintaining ontology based systems is still some way off.    (04)

Sean Barker
 Bristol, UK    (05)

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Dear Ian, Matthew,    (09)

  thanks a lot for your replies (very interesting projects). I was wondering 
how hard or how easy was to "convince" your people (ranging from 
supervisors/managers to end users) and/or budget keepers or funding agencies 
in your respective companies (e.g. Shell) or research centers to embark on a 
relatively "new" (not that popularised) technology (referring to ontologies, 
Semantic Web, standards like ISO 15926, etc...). Have you faced any walls 
which were difficult to overcome? As engineers, we can probably "see" more 
easily the added value we could get once an integrated system based on 
standards (and
ontologies) is up and running. Users are more than convinced that having a 
controlled vocabulary and standards are a must. Nevertheless, such 
integration could also be achieved by using "classic"
technologies (relational databases) and still be able to exchange complex 
information. Could you share you experience in those regards?    (010)

Erick    (011)

2009/10/22 Matthew West <dr.matthew.west@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear Erick,
>> I can think of a couple of projects, and I think Chris Partridge has
>> some examples from the financial industries also.
>> One involved an oil company (a big one !) that I'm not allowed to
>> name, but the chap who ran the project follows this forum, so I
>> expect he'll contact you offline.
> MW: That will be me then, and the oil company is Shell, whom I used to
> work for.
>> The project had two threads - one was around having a common
>> foundation for all the data models across their downstream business.
> The first project Ian mentions was a data model of Shell's Downstream
> Business. I did a presentation of this at the DAMA conference in
> London a few years ago.
> http://www.matthew-west.org.uk/documents/DAMA%20Developing%20Shell's%2
> 0D
> ownstream%20Data%20Model.ppt
>> The
>> other was an implementation to integrate the dictionaries of various
>> ERP systems.
> MW: That I don't have anything on in the public domain. But this might
> be interesting:
> http://www.matthew-west.org.uk/documents/STEPintoTheRealWorld.PDF
> It is about integrating engineering data for a major project.
> Regards
> Matthew West
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