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Re: [ontolog-forum] independent semantic software evaluation frameworks?

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Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 00:55:38 +0300
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Pieter De Leenheer wrote: "Check out the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Spring 
forecast as well, to find
out there overview of semantic tools": 
http://www.collibra.com/resource/pwc-technology-forecast    (01)

Thank you, Pieter:    (02)

The forecast makes an interesting reading. Particularly i liked Frank Chum 
of Chevron interview on shared ontologies in the oil and gas industry.    (03)

Although, have to say, he missed to answer the most interesting question:    (04)

 PwC: Do you sense some danger that we could have a lot of enthusiasm here 
and end up with a lot of non-compatible ontologies? Are we going to enter a 
period where there will need to be some sort of master data model, a master 
ontology model effort?    (05)

FC: We already defined some standards to address that. We have a URI 
[Uniform Resource Identifier] standard for how you name ontologies, and it's 
referenceable so that you can go into that URI and retrieve the ontology. We 
tried to make that shareable, and we are also starting a community type of 
space.    (06)

 azamat abdoullaev    (07)

http://standardontology.org    (08)

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Subject: Re: independent semantic software evaluation frameworks?    (010)

> Paolo, FYI check out our business semantics mgt tool, i.e. Collibra 
> Studio at: http://www.collibra.com/trial
> Collibra is a spin-off from VUB STARLab.
> Here is the knowledge base with extra movies, tutorials, help to use  it: 
> http://support.collibra.com/knowledgebase/
> Check out the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Spring forecast as well, to find  out 
> there overview of semantic tools: 
> http://www.collibra.com/resource/pwc-technology-forecast
> Hope this helps,
> Pieter
> On 09 Aug 2009, at 19:03, Paola Di Maio wrote:
>> Greetings good people!
>> I am attempting to systematically aggregate as many independent
>> evaluations of semantic software tools as possible
>> (Note: by independent it is intended not carried out by people who are
>> paid to do so, or have other vested interests  - such as the
>> devleopers or consultants themselves  or their friends and familieis -
>> but by unaffiliated users who are more suitable to appreciate its
>> benefits and shorcomings)
>> We are particularly interested initially in the software developed
>> with EU funding (FP6 and FP7 )
>> The main frameworks of reference are standard software project
>> evaluation methods, including
>> references included there)
>> Md. Ahsan-ul Murshed and Ramanjit Singh
>> http://eprints.biblio.unitn.it/archive/00000747/01/013.pdf
>> I have already contacted offlist some of the individuals who have
>> offered knowledge and views, and I am now  seeking additional wider
>> general  input on
>> 1.  developing and customizing the  review criteria  and methodology
>> (so that we can format the distributed evaluations using a common 
>> template)
>> 2.  any volunteered inputs in terms of reviews of software and other
>> deliverables (priority is to assess  cost/benefit ratio, measured in
>> terms of
>> functionality and usefulness)
>> The final goal of this exercise is to contribute  to improve the
>> effectiveness of EU funding process in semantic web, as well as to
>> general
>> software output at large, as well as to come up with  recommendations.
>> Your contribution can be submitted authored or anonymous (subject to
>> verification)
>> Please contact me offlist should you wish to collaborate on this 
>> project,
>> cheers
>> Paola Di Maio
>> -- 
>> Paola Di Maio
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>> Strategic Advisor
>> Networked Research Lab, UK
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