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Re: [ontolog-forum] independent semantic software evaluation frameworks?

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From: "Richard H. McCullough" <rhm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 10:57:27 -0700
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I'd like mKE to be added to the list of Ontology editors.
The latest products, mke + hotools, may be of special interest,
since the simplified semantics matches RDF, and they are
flexible and fast.    (01)

Dick McCullough
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Subject: independent semantic software evaluation frameworks?    (02)

> Greetings good people!
> I am attempting to systematically aggregate as many independent
> evaluations of semantic software tools as possible
> (Note: by independent it is intended not carried out by people who are
> paid to do so, or have other vested interests  - such as the
> devleopers or consultants themselves  or their friends and familieis -
> but by unaffiliated users who are more suitable to appreciate its
> benefits and shorcomings)
> We are particularly interested initially in the software developed
> with EU funding (FP6 and FP7 )
> The main frameworks of reference are standard software project
> evaluation methods, including
> references included there)
> Md. Ahsan-ul Murshed and Ramanjit Singh
> http://eprints.biblio.unitn.it/archive/00000747/01/013.pdf
> I have already contacted offlist some of the individuals who have
> offered knowledge and views, and I am now  seeking additional wider
> general  input on
> 1.  developing and customizing the  review criteria  and methodology
> (so that we can format the distributed evaluations using a common 
> template)
> 2.  any volunteered inputs in terms of reviews of software and other
> deliverables (priority is to assess  cost/benefit ratio, measured in
> terms of
> functionality and usefulness)
> The final goal of this exercise is to contribute  to improve the
> effectiveness of EU funding process in semantic web, as well as to
> general
> software output at large, as well as to come up with  recommendations.
> Your contribution can be submitted authored or anonymous (subject to
> verification)
> Please contact me offlist should you wish to collaborate on this project,
> cheers
> Paola Di Maio
> -- 
> Paola Di Maio
> **************************************************
> Strategic Advisor
> Networked Research Lab, UK
> **************************************************
>     (03)

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