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[ontolog-forum] rdfs idioms for the working semiotician

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Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2009 17:45:17 -0400
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Hailing all Ontologians!    (01)

I hope you'll have an interest in reading the piece I recently wrote 
called "RDFS Idoms for the Working Semiotician."    (02)

http://phaneron.rickmurphy.org/?p=35    (03)

The piece is a worked example that uses a few patterns from Allemang and 
Hendler's Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist (SWWO)[1]. Like SWWO, 
the example uses the RDFS reasoner to infer the *meaning* of the 
assertions. Unlike SWWO, the example demonstrates RDFS reasoning in the 
semiotic domain.    (04)

I claim that introducing the semiotic domain is a requirement for a 
theory of meaning. This requirement extends a semantics of truth ( based 
on Tarski's material adequacy and formal correctness  ) to a semantics 
of meaning.    (05)

In the worked example, the meaning of a Sign is inferred when Icon, an 
instance, is inferred to be a member of the class Conception. Both Sign 
as representation and Conception as interpretant are required to 
establish meaning.    (06)

If my claim is true, more idioms should be developed for RDFS as well as 
other languages.    (07)

[1] http://workingontologist.org/    (08)

Rick    (09)

cell: 703-201-9129
web:  http://www.rickmurphy.org
blog: http://phaneron.rickmurphy.org    (010)

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