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Hi Pat,



> (And  ('goto 'Paul  'Water_Fountain)

>     ('goto 'Wanda 'Water_Fountain))


> instead of


> (Or   ('goto 'Paul  'Water_Fountain)

>     ('goto 'Wanda 'Water_Fountain))


Because you saw BOTH Paul AND Wanda. If someone were to ask you, did 

you see Wanda? you would say, yes. Similarly if they asked you about 

Paul. Both of the components of the compound are true. That is exactly 

why it is a conjunction rather than a disjunction.


Pat Hayes




Yes, I would really like to have serious discussion on this specific issue John raised.  He stated that you can build a philosophy (logic, algebra, ?) on the basis of establishing the following:

1.  Existence

2.  Conjuncton

3.  Negation by omission


I'm trying to understand the precise, mathematical distinction from which the while induction process builds structure from that point on.  For example, it seems to me that only Boolean logic makes sense to derive this way.  Once I have Boolean logic, with logical expressions and storage, I can build FOL by replication. 


Existence of a signal (I'm assuming John included time in the sensor suite) is the first point, but there are unsettled questions in my mind here:


If I see two of them, how do I know whether it is the same one seen twice, or two distinct ones seen time-shifted?


Can I call that signal an Object, a Thing, a Process, a Property, a Value, and if so, can I define it as a Predicate that divides existence into classes, or instances, entities, rows or whatevers. 


Where is the scaffolding of logic to hang words on those concepts consistent with mathematical logic?







Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com






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