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John, almost as an aside, you tossed out:

But I would add an important qualification:  Many theories,

especially in physics, have been established on the basis of

so many observations, that it is practically impossible to

recreate all their conclusions by using multiple analogies.


I don't follow your reasoning here.  Why would it be "practically impossible to recreate all their conclusions by using multiple analogies."?


Let me cite the withered transition from classical physics to relativistic physics.  There were lots of classical physics contraptions running which each represents a set of design choices on physical constraints.  Steam engines, plumbing, statistical behavior and all kinds of things in classical physics were essentially unaffected because the new, subjectively truer, model matches the large scale points as well.  But it clearly wasn't "practically impossible" to use multiple analogies, which existed in the conversations of the scientists of that time. 




LAZ> In realistic settings, mathematically rigorous theories may

> founder on the rocks of incomplete information.


I completely agree, and so would Leibniz, Peirce, Whitehead,

and Wittgenstein.


John Sowa


There's no surprise there!  That's why even well conceived software breaks in so many ways the first time it compiles and runs.  By the time it ships, it’s so full of Band-Aids and patches its barely recognizable. 






Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com


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