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Re: [ontolog-forum] Conjunction and Disjunction

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Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 10:37:58 -0700
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Hi John, you wrote:


RC> I see it as two disjuncts:


 >      1.    Paul goes to the water fountain;


 >      2.    Wanda goes to the water fountain;


There is no AND and no OR in either sentence.  The two sentences are two separate observations made by a system S.  Lets call them


S0     1.    Paul goes to the water fountain;

S1     2.    Wanda goes to the water fountain;


I have not yet said whether they went together, separately, yesterday, accompanied or not.  The two factual sentences S0 and S1 each stand alone.  My sensors in S have detected Paul at the water fountain, and Wanda at the water fountain, but I have not other information as to when, where, other who, other what or why.  I have not yet made the two statements S0 and S1 a conjunct or a disjuncts.  As you describe later in your email, there is no other information about them. 


RC> I don't think that Paul and Wanda have anything else going...


In any case, none of these paraphrases used the word 'or'.



Yes, but all those paraphrases came from your subjective experience, imagination and interpretation of the two statements S0 and S1. 



Given two statements detected by the sensors, there is absolutely no reason to choose AND over OR as the interpretation. 



So I can build an FOL algebra using the two statements as separately represented facts {S0, S1} without reaching any conclusions about them at all.  The very first thing I sense is the OR condition S0 happened, S1 happened, other than that I know nothing else. 





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