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John Bottoms wrote:


JB> Can pre-existant knowledge to be ignored in creating an ontology?

Are there temporal and atemporal ontologies? Are there PeK and

non-PeK ontologies? And, can we really separate the logic from

the ontology?


  "All instruction given or received by way of argument

   proceeds from pre-existent knowledge."


   "The pre-existent knowledge required is of two kinds. In some

    cases admission of the fact must be assumed, in others

    comprehension of the meaning of the term used, and sometimes

    both assumptions are essential. Thus, we assume that every

    predicate can be either truly affirmed or truly denied of any


                                        Logic, Book 1


-John Bottoms


I want to use the bio word "ontogeny" to represent the sequence of inferences, iteratively applied to the results of the last inferred axiom set.  Think of a linear, discrete time system.  I think we all share the math behind control theory, which is a set of calculations, begun with a constant, and stepped throughout a trajectory.  Ask if I am skipping too lightly over this assumed math background. 


The first set of axioms in an ontogeny must be constants, with respect to the other axiom sets generated during the iterative process of building new memories on top of old ones.  Think of a fertilized egg developing in steps. 


So in an analogous way, we are discussing the actual development of agency knowledge, and its refinement, based on the reality experienced as a sequence of sampled values. 


Is this a fruitful approach?






Rich Cooper


Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com


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