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Re: [ontolog-forum] ISO merged ontology effort "MCO"

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From: "Patrick Cassidy" <pat@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 23:48:16 -0400
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  Regarding your suggestion:    (01)

> >
> As I have suggested before, why not use the wiki to start to build the
> case for this project.
> The arguments for it and against it seem relatively stable..
> The next step, in my opinion would be to start to build a scope section
> that would identify which areas would be addressed in an initial
> project.
> After that, the task outline and the manpower allocation could be
> outlined. What do the 100 people do and how do you organize it so that
> the project can be managed? What are the interim deliverables and
> milestone dates?
> $30,000,000 for 100 people is $300,000 per person, so the project runs
> for a few years.
> What is the mix of skill sets required? Infrastructure costs - people,
> material, travel, conference attendance, etc.
> If the EU put up half and the US put up half, you are now getting down
> into budget amounts that already have been funded for other projects.
> Ron
[[PC]]  That would be a good idea if there were some significant body of
potential participants that were willing to start planning.  The problem I
foresee is that, until some funding agency actually asserts a willingness to
seriously consider and fund a properly structured project of that kind, few
will take it seriously enough to risk wasting time on such plans.  I think
that we first need an expression of interest from a funding agency.   This
is not entirely chicken-and-egg: a simple outline could be prepared for
potential funders to consider, with the understanding that a more detailed
proposal would be needed before any funding commitment was made.  But if
there is absolutely no hint of any possibility of getting funding for the
project, even the effort to prepare a brief outline is hard to generate from
more than a few people.    (02)

Can anyone think of an agency that might consider such a project?  Does
anyone have any contacts with whom to discuss it?    (03)

I am slowly organizing a description of such a project, and the feedback
from this forum has been very useful.  But until I get some glimmer of
interest from some potential funder, my own efforts are concentrated on
getting a first version of the COSMO finished so that I can do some testing
to explore the question of the number of semantic primitives needed for a
Foundation Ontology usable to support broad semantic interoperability.  If
anyone else is interested, of course I will be happy to discuss the issue in
detail, in a smaller group without the distracting and unhelpful diversions
into peripheral topics.    (04)

Pat    (05)

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