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Re: [ontolog-forum] brainwaves (WAS: to concept or not to concept, is th

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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 01:24:20 -0500
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Pat,    (01)

I agree that the notion of existence is important.  But that is
implied by the definition of 'function'.  Any function f(x) must
obey the following axiom:    (02)

    (Ax)(E!y)f(x)=y.    (03)

For every x, there exists exactly one y such that f(x)=y.    (04)

Since the term 'functional dependency' has been commonly used in
the database field for the past 30 years, it is already familiar
to many programmers.  Rather than invent a new term, it would seem
better to take a term that is commonly used in one field (databases)
and extend it to a related field (knowledge bases).    (05)

John    (06)

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