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On 12/10/07 10:05 AM, "Wacek Kusnierczyk"
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>> So what does a scientist do?  Observe until they are reasonably satisfied
>> there is a norm or baseline then look for statistical anomalies?  Isn't this
>> somewhat flawed too since we can never really be 100% sure we have truly
>> tested everything?  I got into an argument with a friend last weekend over
>> the existence of god.  He stated that since there is no positive evidence
>> god exists, it proves there is no god.  His inference takes a quantum leap
>> in logic obviously as what it really means is that god's existence cannot be
>> scientifically verified.  God may exist or may not exist was my position.
>> So how does this conflict with the topic of the thread.  The experience that
>> you think of someone and they call you?  Statistically, unless it had been
>> studied (I am sure it has), there is a small but real probability than some
>> human beings have capabilities beyond our perceptions.
> At least, it could be that for some of us it does happen that while they
> think of their friends, those friends do think of them too, at the same
> time.  It still does not prove any capabilities beyond our perceptions.
> It rather touches the problem of multiple testing, when you analyze your
> statistics.
> vQ
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