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Re: [ontolog-forum] Presentation on Rules for Semantic Web

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From: Chris Menzel <cmenzel@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 14:22:50 -0500
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On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 09:34:54PM +0300, Azamat wrote:
> The substance of my short message is rather simple: the
> self-promoting, commercial or academic, downgrades the level of any
> forum.     (01)

Perhaps there is a language problem here, as you mistakenly thought that
John was suggesting Leo's generous offer to present the work of his
group was self-promotion when in fact he suggested no such thing --
indeed, quite the opposite; he said that most anyone on the ontolog list
would find the work interesting.  He only recommended, helpfully, that
any large documents should be made available on the web rather than sent
out via the list.    (02)

Furthermore, all Leo did was inform the list of work that he and his
group have done which he (rightly) felt might be of interest to forum
members.  If that is self-promotion of a sort that "downgrades" the
forum, then almost everyone here is guilty -- you, in particular.
Fortunately, this definition of self-promotion is ridiculous.  The list
exists in part for ontology researchers to share their work with others,
so long as that work is freely available.  And, knowing Leo, as you
obviously do not, I would venture that self-promotion was the last thing
he had in mind.    (03)

> Besides, it is hardly a big deal to publicly discuss derivative works
> with narrow scope?  This Forum fully deserves high-quality agenda,
> which should be offered by impartial members.    (04)

There is no such thing an "impartial" member.  Everyone is partial to
their own views and not everyone is going to agree on what is original
and what is derivative, what is high-quality and what is not, what is
narrow and what is not.  What there is, hopefully, is tolerance of
diverse viewpoints (and, of course, spirited debate ;-).  This is an
open forum and one of its strengths is that a wide range of views are
represented and a diversity of research is publicized and discussed.
People get to decide for themselves what is relevant and important to
them.  That's why, in particular, you are able to promote your own work
here without objection even though not everyone finds it relevant or
important.    (05)

> Now to make prime presentations, we have to invite the original
> researchers able to say something fresh or groundbreaking. I opine
> many of the participants will be 'enthusiastic' to learn what's going
> on with the following hot subjects:    (06)

Probably so.  And lots more besides.  Fortunately, no one person gets to
make unilateral decisions about what is "hot", who should present, and
what should be discussed.    (07)

Chris Menzel    (08)

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