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Re: [ontolog-forum] Model or Reality

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From: Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 14:43:27 -0500
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>  >
>>>  Pat was very careful to avoid stating the person was full of bunk.
>>>  He just stated what the person believed.
>>  Trust me on this one: Even though he's never told me this story, I
>>  can tell you with full assurance that Pat believed the person in
>>  question to be completely off his nut.
>DN: story/opinion but we can always ask Pat.  I think Pat had indicated that
>this person was not completely off his nut but in fact quite rational about
>other aspects of life while harboring this deep urge to punish Rushdie.
>FWIW, this type of person scares me more than someone who is completely off
>his nut since they might possess the intelligence to carry out their work.    (01)

Actually he didnt seem to have much of an deep urge about it at all. 
He didnt get angry or passionate when mentioning it: it was his total 
lack of affect that struck me so deeply, in fact. It was more as 
though he was a kind of temporary (or perhaps contextual) sociopath 
when it came to fatwahs. He would obey them without question or 
remorse, and not feel any passion about them one way or the other. 
(Mind you, if actually faced with the real situation, who knows what 
he might have done or felt. I suspect this was in part a projection 
of a 'shocking' opinion done deliberately to impress his audience.)    (02)

BTW, my opinion is that you are both right. Yes, he was off his nut, 
or at any rate pretending to be. (As a lifelong atheist, it seems to 
me that most sincerely religious people are not entirely on their 
nut, but Ive learnt to deal with it.) But yes, he was completely 
rational. For him, to obey an Ayatollah without question *was* 
completely rational. I don't think these two are inconsistent, 
unfortunately. One can be rational and crazy, witness St. Augustine.    (03)

OK, no more from me on this topic :-)    (04)

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