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>[PH] (As a lifelong atheist, it seems to
>me that most sincerely religious people are not entirely on their
>nut, but Ive learnt to deal with it.)    (01)

[KL] This is way off topic, but I can't let this go unchallenged.    (02)

We've had this discussion before, Pat. You have a very narrow 
conception of what it means to be sincerely religious.  To be sure, 
there are plenty of people who fit your definition, and they make a 
lot of noise, and I agree that they are not entirely on their nut. 
But there are many sincerely religious people who don't fit your 
narrow conception.    (03)

I once read a recollection by a rabbi of his experience in rabbinical 
school of looking up from his book to see the senior rabbi watching 
him. "I see you are reading Russell," said the senior rabbi.  "You 
don't disapprove?" asked the rabbinical student, surprised at the 
smile on the senior rabbi's face.  "I'd rather you grew out of 
Russell than into him," replied the senior rabbi.    (04)

When I told the director of the religious school at our synagogue 
that my son, then age twelve, was an atheist, she replied, "Every 
twelve-year-old should be an atheist."    (05)

Far be it from me to attempt to turn an atheist into a theist.  But 
many sincerely religious people who are quite on their nuts regard 
atheism as a stage that open-minded people go through on their way to 
a mature understanding of spirituality.  If you are open-minded, then 
you must acknowledge the possibility that they might be right.    (06)

Kathy    (07)

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