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Re: [ontolog-forum] Neuro-ontology, Onto-neurology, and the Semantic Web

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Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 14:11:47 +0700
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I am thinking of the earlier statement that promted this thread, where
someone questioned the relevance of the brain' to 'computer systems'    (01)

I am rather surprised to hear that, as its common fact    (02)

The human brain is the most articulate and sophisticated
knowledge/ifnormation processing appartus on the planet, that we know
of (I hear dolphins and other animal species score well in some tests,
 other than that its only humans capable of advanced reasoning)    (03)

Only in recent years, we have been able to replicate and expand its
processing abilities, by modelling, externalizing  and automating some
of the behaviours
It still takes humans to programme machines    (04)

Are there any doubts that computer systems are modelled on human brain
and social functions? I am interested in hearing more to that
argument.    (05)

Cognitive abilities, complete and accurate models of which we have not
yet been able to produce, together with language, are what enables and
supports the intelligence in the machine.  Communication enables
information exchange, thus promotes incremental evolution of cognitive
system itself.    (06)

Semantic web models only reproduce and expand the human abilities to
store relationships and semantic associations (part of the cognitive
fabric of agents)
 and support their exponential application without the limitations of
the human brain
(stops functioning properly when the cat is sick)    (07)

The web is just an extension of our brain, and interestingly enough,
its our 'collective brain' when we share knowledge, for which I thank
you all    (08)

I am sure a shared collective brain once is up and running will be a
pretty powerful and exciting thing to have    (09)

Look forward to that    (010)

Paola Di Maio    (011)

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