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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 00:38:16 -0500
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>Does it really involve breakdown and analysis?  
>I can program a mainframe to view a rubber ball 
>and calculate a space time coordinate where a 
>robotic arm can intercept the ball and catch it 
>after one bounce.  I would have to feed in 
>numbers for constant effect of gravity, mass of 
>ball, air resistance, durometer reading of ball, 
>initial trajectory and velocity etc.  
>How is it a dog can catch the ball but does not 
>process any of this?  I think there is something 
>more than simple calculations.    (01)

There is a very simple algorithm for catching a 
ball, which was worked out by the psychologist 
Gibson. Assume the ball is in the air coming 
roughly towards you (if not, give up). Look at 
the ball and keep it in the center of your 
vision. If the ball is moving left, run left; if 
right, run right; if upwards, run back; if 
downwards, run forward. Try to keep the ball 
stationary in your field of view. When it gets 
close enough, catch it. You don't need to do all 
the simulation with numbers. Neither does the 
robot.    (02)

Now, this is a very basic algorithm, and dogs, 
people and robots can all do better than this; 
but this is the basic technique.    (03)

Pat Hayes    (04)

>On 8/6/07 1:57 PM, "Kathryn Blackmond Laskey" <klaskey@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>XML, RDF, OWL, etc. are all human 
>interpretations of trying to break down data 
>representation in such a way that they mimic 
>what the brain can do, in a highly simplified 
>manner, in hopes of allowing machines to perform 
>the basic work that a brain can.
>Flying birds gave humans an existence proof that 
>flight was possible.  However, attempts  were 
>unsuccessful to build flying machines that 
>worked the way birds do. Eventually we achieved 
>flight by understanding aerodynamics and 
>propulsion well enough to build machines that 
>worked, even though the mechanism was quite 
>different from that used by birds.  Similar 
>remarks apply to cameras, and to information 
>processing systems.
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