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Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 23:16:06 -0500
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>Whenever you find an article in a popular magazine or newspaper,
>you can often find more technical articles on the same topic
>by typing in the names of any researchers who are mentioned.
>In this case, I got 887 hits from Google when I typed "Jay Neitz"
>(including the quotes) and another 716 for "Gabriele Jordan".
>Many of them are relevant.
>In particular, some of the especially sensitive women were
>discovered by an interesting strategy:  testing the mothers
>of males who had red-green color blindness.   Some of them
>apparently had unusual X chromosomes, which when paired with
>another X gave them super sensitivity, but resulted in
>red-green color blindness when paired with a Y chromosome.
>This implies the contrary of Pat's remark that the underlying
>perceptions are more constant than the linguistic terminology.
>There is a very wide range of sensitivity among humans (and
>even more among other animals), but people learn to correlate
>their words with color patches despite the fact that they have
>very different abilities.    (01)

Eyes certainly differ, and color acuities differ, 
and there are cultural differences in color 
boundaries and color terms: but still all human 
cultures agree to a remarkable extent on what are 
the 'most typical' or archetypical colors. The 
bright red, blue and yellow that we all know, and 
use to indicate fire engines and school buses and 
police signals, are also recognized as color 
prototypes even by people whose culture has no 
word for our 'yellow'. A bright mid-green is also 
seen as a typical color by almost all cultures. 
On the other hand, only Isaac Newton seems to 
have been able to distinguish purple from indigo.    (02)

Pat    (03)

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