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Wacek,    (01)

Whenever you find an article in a popular magazine or newspaper,
you can often find more technical articles on the same topic
by typing in the names of any researchers who are mentioned.    (02)

In this case, I got 887 hits from Google when I typed "Jay Neitz"
(including the quotes) and another 716 for "Gabriele Jordan".
Many of them are relevant.    (03)

In particular, some of the especially sensitive women were
discovered by an interesting strategy:  testing the mothers
of males who had red-green color blindness.   Some of them
apparently had unusual X chromosomes, which when paired with
another X gave them super sensitivity, but resulted in
red-green color blindness when paired with a Y chromosome.    (04)

This implies the contrary of Pat's remark that the underlying
perceptions are more constant than the linguistic terminology.
There is a very wide range of sensitivity among humans (and
even more among other animals), but people learn to correlate
their words with color patches despite the fact that they have
very different abilities.  In fact, even blind people use color
words in syntactically and factually correct ways by memorizing
appropriate correlations such as grass<->green or sky<->blue.    (05)

vQ> one remark:  cones do not distinguish colors.    (06)

That is technically correct, since it is the brain that
distinguishes colors by processing the responses from
the cones that contain the appropriate photopigments.
On the other hand, the cones are part of the means by
which the discrimination is carried out.  And in English,
it is permissible to put the instrument in subject position
when the agent is not mentioned.  So technically, my lapse
was not serious.  In any case, I apologize.    (07)

John    (08)

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