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Re: [ontolog-forum] Common Logic Controlled English (CLCE)

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>Dear Chris and John,
>>  (As an aside, I seem to recall Matthew West's 'High Quality
>>  Data Models
>>  paper' notes this - or something similar as a common modelling error -
>>  Matthew can confirm whether this is the case.)
>MW: Actually is was a modelling principle, that entity types should be
>based on the underlying nature of a thing rather than a role that it
>plays.    (01)

Guarino & Welty's "OntoClean" has the same 
principle, expressed differently (they use modal 
necessity-talk rather than role-talk, and speak 
of 'rigid properties', ie non-role properties). 
It sure seems to make sense.    (02)

Pat    (03)

>MW: Following this approach relations were also modelled as entity types
>and roles were modelled on the relationships (E-R sense) linking the
>relations to the domains of the things they related.
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