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Re: [ontolog-forum] vague wish lists VS formal specifications

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>  > [Deborah McPherson]
>  > With a checklist to follow, untrained customers will be better
>  > prepared and able to state what their needs are and organize their
>>  resources to provide ontology engineers, programmers, and formal
>>  specification writers with what THEY need to get the data to flow in
>>  potentially customized, atypical manners.
>MW: I disagree. My experience is that you need to take what the
>customer says they need, and perform analysis to determine what they
>really need.    (01)

A quick note: our experience here (at IHMC) on expert knowledge 
extraction bears this out, in spades. There is an entire field 
devoted to techniques for discovering what customers/experts actually 
know and want, as opposed to what they think they know and want. (In 
case this idea offends, bear in mind that it applies to the people 
doing the analysis just as much as to everyone else.)    (02)

For the record, our KE mavens (I am not one of them) tell me that one 
of the most efficient such analysis techniques involves collaborative 
construction of a concept map, which is one reason we have developed 
so much software around this apparently trivial notion.    (03)

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