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Re: [ontolog-forum] vague wish lists VS formal specifications

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Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 12:34:09 -0000
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Dear Cory,    (01)

> I going to take position that may get me in real trouble on this list;
> The need to embrace vague wish lists.
> I have a vague wish: I wish users would state their requirements more
> precisely.  I could even state this as a policy or requirement.  Such
> vague requirements can cause contracts to be paid or not or could land
> you in jail.  Of course to the person stating the "wish", it is clear.
> It has an intent.  It may have authority.    (02)

MW: The reality is that design is done by successive refinement.     (03)

1. Vague requirements are taken and worked up into more precise 
requirements.    (04)

2. Outline (functional) design (often considering options) is used to 
further precisify the requirements, and determine the design direction.    (05)

3. Detailed design is developed. Checks are made that it supports the 
functional design and the original requirements. Further precisification
of requirements and functional design may result.    (06)

4. The design is built, this may involve design revision as abstract design 
intent clashes with reality.    (07)

5. You operate the artifact you have created - and prove the pudding.    (08)

MW: The nature of the task is that there are multiple layers as you dig down 
into the detail. You cannot possibly anticipate what you will find at the
lower levels until you get there, so asking for a deeper level of 
precisification that can be achieved at a particular level is futile.    (09)

Regards    (010)

Matthew    (011)

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