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Dear Andreas,
Yes, Tatiana Malyuta was talking about this kind of approach in her talk at our initial discussion session. I'm expecting her to give a talk on this.
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A practical although academically not absolutely sound interpretation is to use the database to capture the concepts, their properties, and their relations and the ontology to axiomize the business rules. This is not always trivial for reverse-engineered solutions, but it works for developments like described here.
To make it a little bit more sound, the concepts should be distinguished into propertied concepts (tables with attributes) and associated concepts (views with related tables, or views with related views). This modeling technique is pretty powerful, but it lacks the definition of machine understandable rules. If these rules can be expressed in DL, the step from this modeling idea toward OWL-DL is obvious, although not trivial.
The ideas are far from being mature, and we have very limited experiences with it, but so far it works ... and this is a discussion forum, not a solution forum, isn't it?
Enjoy the weekend,
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>>I'm in desperate need of knowledge on how to move from an ontology
>to a
>>data model or how to develop the two together - I'm in a position
>>we are developing the ontology and data model simutaneously (uggh),
>>just because that is how it has to be.
>Its impossible to answer this question because 
>both 'data model' and 'ontology' are 
>underspecified,and are often used in overlapping 
>ways. Can you be a little more precise about 
>exactly what you are trying to do, and in 
>particular how you see the two activities as 
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>>Dear Colleagues,
>>Following on from our lively and informative introductory
>>session last week I would like to open up discussion about
>>how we develop the programme, particularly with those who
>>are part of the organizing committee for this strand.
>>Some possible talks that people have offered are:
>>- Moving from ontology to Data Model (myself)
>>- Using ontology for data retrieval and HCI (Tatiana Malyuta)
>>- Using ontology to improve data quality and ontology
>>    reengineering from data (Chris Partridge)
>>- Application Semantics via Business Rules in Open Vocabulary
>>   (Adrian Walker)
>>- Ontology mediation between databases (???)
>>- Databases to hold ontologies - from simple catalogues to
>>    First Order Logic. (???)
>>Does this look good to you?
>>Are there other topics?
>>For topics without speakers, can you volunteer yourself or
>>someone else?
>>Another thing that came up in conversation with Peter Yim
>>is the possibility of developing a page in Wikipaedia around
>>this topic, if we felt we had something worth contributing.
>>We would develop this in our own space first.
>>What do you think about this as an idea?
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