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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology and Databases

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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 10:35:58 -0700
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Hi Antoinette,    (01)

We have a starting point for some of what you're attempting to do, 
albeit without
the business rules side of the equation, in the Ontology Definition 
Metamodel.  For
a GE project, we assisted in ontology development and once a component 
of the
ontology was relatively stable, it was used as the basis for data model 
/ schema
development.  We did not attempt to provide both forward and reverse 
for this, though, only forward engineering. See [1] for an abstract on 
this work -
I have the presentation if you're interested.    (02)

Although use of UML for ontology development has, to date, been something
like the square peg / round hole problem, there are tools available 
today to take
a basic data model and import it into a UML environment, from IBM and 
others -
see [2] for more on that.  Once it is in UML, we (Sandpiper) have a tool 
that can
assist in refinement of an ontology based on that model and export OWL 
or Java. 
We're working on a more sophisticated approach that would allow 
extraction of a schema, DDL, and more from a database as a basis for 
development, with export to paradigms including ER, but we're not there 
yet.     (03)

Related to that, there is a new effort in the OMG called the Information
Management Metamodel that we're participating in to provide mappings from
ODM to and from whatever emerges from the IMM work, which will include
ER modeling.  A number of the UML and ER vendors are participating, though
not all. Again, this likely will not address the business rule issues, 
and may not go
beyond OWL in the first pass, but it's at least a start.    (04)

I hope this is helpful.  I'm happy to have an offline conversation if it 
would be
useful to you.  The link to the latest version of ODM is [3], which is 
now in
finalization at OMG.  A link to the actual convenience document that will be
used for finalization should be posted to the main OMG site over the 
next few
weeks.    (05)

Best regards,    (06)

Elisa    (07)

[1] http://www.semantic-conference.com/program/sessions/M4.html
[2] http://www.metaintegration.net/
[3] http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?ad/06-05-01.pdf    (08)

Arsic, Antoinette wrote:    (09)

>I'm in desperate need of knowledge on how to move from an ontology to a
>data model or how to develop the two together - I'm in a position where
>we are developing the ontology and data model simutaneously (uggh),
>just because that is how it has to be. 
>Antoinette Arsic , Information Scientist, M.S.
>The MITRE Corporation
>703-983-5286 (office)
>443-567-2703 (cell)
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>Subject: [ontolog-forum] Ontology and Databases
>Dear Colleagues,
>Following on from our lively and informative introductory 
>session last week I would like to open up discussion about
>how we develop the programme, particularly with those who
>are part of the organizing committee for this strand.
>Some possible talks that people have offered are:
>- Moving from ontology to Data Model (myself)
>- Using ontology for data retrieval and HCI (Tatiana Malyuta)
>- Using ontology to improve data quality and ontology 
>   reengineering from data (Chris Partridge)
>- Application Semantics via Business Rules in Open Vocabulary 
>  (Adrian Walker)
>- Ontology mediation between databases (???)
>- Databases to hold ontologies - from simple catalogues to 
>   First Order Logic. (???)
>Does this look good to you?
>Are there other topics?
>For topics without speakers, can you volunteer yourself or
>someone else?
>Another thing that came up in conversation with Peter Yim
>is the possibility of developing a page in Wikipaedia around
>this topic, if we felt we had something worth contributing.
>We would develop this in our own space first.
>What do you think about this as an idea?
>Matthew West
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