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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 10:09:21 +0100
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Dear Colleagues,    (01)

Following on from our lively and informative introductory 
session last week I would like to open up discussion about
how we develop the programme, particularly with those who
are part of the organizing committee for this strand.    (02)

Some possible talks that people have offered are:    (03)

- Moving from ontology to Data Model (myself)
- Using ontology for data retrieval and HCI (Tatiana Malyuta)
- Using ontology to improve data quality and ontology 
   reengineering from data (Chris Partridge)
- Application Semantics via Business Rules in Open Vocabulary 
  (Adrian Walker)
- Ontology mediation between databases (???)
- Databases to hold ontologies - from simple catalogues to 
   First Order Logic. (???)    (04)

Does this look good to you?    (05)

Are there other topics?    (06)

For topics without speakers, can you volunteer yourself or
someone else?    (07)

Another thing that came up in conversation with Peter Yim
is the possibility of developing a page in Wikipaedia around
this topic, if we felt we had something worth contributing.
We would develop this in our own space first.    (08)

What do you think about this as an idea?    (09)

Regards    (010)

Matthew West
Reference Data Architecture and Standards Manager
Shell International Petroleum Company Limited
Shell Centre, London SE1 7NA, United Kingdom    (011)

Tel: +44 20 7934 4490 Mobile: +44 7796 336538
Email: matthew.west@xxxxxxxxx
http://www.matthew-west.org.uk/    (012)

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