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[Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this reminder]    (01)

LAST CALL FOR PAPERS & Early Bird Registration    (02)

International Conference on
Semantic Web & Digital Libraries (ICSD-2007)    (03)

February 21-23, 2006    (04)

Documentation Research & Training Centre,
Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India
-------------------------------------------------------------    (05)

***Submission Date: October 31, 2006***    (06)

***Early Bird Registration: January 01, 2007***    (07)

==== INTRODUCTION ====    (08)

The proliferation of digital resources poses an unprecedented
challenge to information professionals in generating efficient
information services. Most patrons approach the Internet for the
digital content but have no clue how to retrieve pertinent information
and this has led to a demand for organized information services and
resulted in digital library and institutional repositories.    (09)

Technology and tools have to be deployed for harnessing the content
and for retrieval of information from the mass of unorganized
resources. Semantic Web Technologies is an area that has invoked much
research interest and aims at efficient information representation and
retrieval. The aim of semantic web is to build conceptual relations
for machine interpretation that eventually will lead to efficient
knowledge mapping and organization techniques.  However, research in
Semantic Web is being understood and experimented in different areas
differently and one of the most pertinent applications would be in the
area of Information Retrieval. Search and retrieval mechanism in
Digital Libraries (DL) are moving slowly towards becoming semantic.
Interoperability between digital libraries has to be based on Semantic
Web principles, in order to achieve meaningful user-machine interaction.    (010)

Documentation Research and Training Centre(DRTC), Indian Statistical
Institute(ISI), Bangalore, has a long research interest in knowledge
organization techniques including its seminal contribution in the form
of Prof. S.R. Ranganathanís faceted approach to classification.  In
recent times DRTC has applied the classical theory to practical
modeling in the area of Information Retrieval. The team at DRTC has
experimented with application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
techniques in IR and has demonstrated systems in automatic
classification and indexing. With this experience and as part of the
Indian Statistical Institute Platinum jubilee celebrations, DRTC/ISI
announces International conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries.
The objective is to bring together the best expertise in the areas of
Semantic Web and Digital Libraries from leading initiatives worldwide.    (011)

==== CALL FOR PAPERS ====    (012)

Original papers in English are invited on a theme related to those
mentioned above. An international review panel will review the papers
based on originality of the work, quality and relevance to the main theme
of the conference. Peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in
the conference proceedings. The papers should follow the submission
instructions that will be furnished along with acceptance note and also
on the conference website.    (013)

The conference aims to explore the topics in themes and sub themes through
tutorials, workshops, demonstrations, Invited talks and presentations.
Eminent researchers and academicians will be invited to deliver theme papers
and invited talks on select topics.    (014)

Papers should not exceed eight (12) pages and have to follow the ICSD-2007
formatting guidelines (http://drtc.isibang.ac.in/icsd/guidelines.html).
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as MS_WORD (or Open Office
and PDF via e-mail to the following address:    (015)

    icsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with CC to icsd2007@xxxxxxxxx    (016)

At least one of the authors of the accepted article has to be registered
for the conference before the delivery of the camera-ready paper.
Otherwise the article will not be included in the proceedings.    (017)

==== THEMES ====    (018)

The conference is based on two broad themes viz. Semantic Web and Digital
and the convergence of both the technologies:    (019)

    Digital Libraries:
        * Open Access to Information. Open Standards and Open Source Tools
 for OA
        * Digital Libraries Development
        * Tools and Techniques for managing digital repositories
        * Digital Resource Management strategies
        * Content Development: Policies
        * Content development: tools and techniques
        * Technology issues in Digital Services
        * Design of Digital Information Services
        * Digital Resource Organization
        * Retrieval issues in digital environment
        * Standards and specifications for digital objects
        * Metadata standards, Interoperability and Crosswalks
        * Varied media and format resources
        * Multilingual Digital Libraries
        * Patron interaction and facilitation tools
        * Digital Library applications and case studies
        * Digital Library and Semantic Web Projects and Case Studies
        * Long Term Digital Preservation
        * Digitization best practices    (020)

    Semantic Web:
        * Semantic Web and Information Retrieval
        * Knowledge Organization and Ontologies
        * Architecture for Semantic Web
        * Technology and Semantic Web Modeling tools
        * Intelligent Agents in Semantic Retrieval
        * Semantic Portals and Semantic Web Services
        * Vocabulary and taxonomy development
        * Methodologies for ontology development
        * Best-practice examples and case studies
        * Tools for ontology development, analysis and comparison
        * Comparison and evaluation of ontologies
        * Ontology management, maintenance, versioning
        * Methodologies for ontology merging, alignment, and integration
        * Applications of Semantic Web
        * Semantic Web technologies and Digital Libraries
        * Semantic Markup: Languages and techniques    (021)

Any other topics under the two broad themes.    (022)

==== IMPORTANT DATES ====    (023)

Paper Submission    (024)

    * Submission of full paper with abstract: October 31 , 2006
    * Notification of acceptance with comments: November 30, 2006
    * Submission of CAMERA-READY papers, incorporating comments: December
31, 2006    (025)

Registration    (026)

    * Early Bird Registration: January 01, 2007
    * Late Registration: January 02, 2007 onwards    (027)

==== REGISTRATION ====    (028)

    * Early Bird Registration: (January 01, 2007)
    Rs. 4000/- (Indian & SAARC Delegates);
    USD 150 (Foriegn Delegates other than SAARC)    (029)

    * After January 01, 2007:
    Rs. 5000/- (Indian & SAARC Delegates);
    USD 175 (Foriegn Delegates other than SAARC)    (030)

    * Tutorial:
    Rs. 1000/- (Indian & SAARC Delegates);
    USD 40 (Foriegn Delegates other than SAARC)    (031)

==== CONTACT & ENQUIRIES ====    (032)

    Dr. A.R.D.Prasad, (Conference Convenor)
    Associate Professor,
    Documentation Research and Training Centre,
    Indian Statistical Institute,
    8th Mile, Mysore Road, Bangalore - 560 059
    Karnataka, INDIA
    Phone: 91-80-28483002/3/4 extn no. 496 or 490
    Fax  : 91-80-28484265
    Email: icsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
           icsd2007@xxxxxxxxx (in CC)    (033)

*******************************************************************    (034)

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