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Re: [ontolog] ontology tools and an ontology repository?

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From: MDaconta@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:22:25 EST
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Hi Leo,

In a message dated 11/13/2002 6:20:28 AM US Mountain Standard Time, lobrst@xxxxxxxxx writes:

1) How do you feel about:
  a) our site supporting an ontology repository?

Great idea.

  b) our site supporting a Web-enabled ontology tool (for developing

As long as it is user-friendly, otherwise you may just want to accept
uploads from other tools like Protege or OntoEdit.

  c) none of the above.

2) Which ontology tools do you use?
  a) Can you characterize the tools: i.e., Web-enabled, ontology
languages supported, cost/licensing, POCs, experience, etc.

We use Protege.

  b) Do you know of a tool provider who might support such a public
effort, hosted on our site?

Protege is open source.

3) Which ontology languages (knowledge representation languages) should
be the standard(s) for the ontologies?
  (Some examples: Ontolingua/KIF, Common Logic, OKBC, CycL, RDF/S,
DAML+OIL, OWL, etc.)

Not being familiar with the subtle differences between the languages -- I
would say the safest bet is RDF/S, DAML+OIL and OWL.

4) Additional Comments?

How would this repository differ from the DAML+OIL ontology listings on
the DAML site?

- Mike
Michael C. Daconta
Director, Web & Technology Services
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