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Re: [ontolog] ontology tools and an ontology repository?

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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:26:36 -0800
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Leo,    (01)

At 08:19 AM 11/13/2002 -0500, Leo Obrst wrote:
>We are considering one possibility for our site: an ontology repository,
>wherein folks can register ontologies and/or build ontologies using
>Web-enabled tools, possibly hosted at our site.
>So some questions:
>1) How do you feel about:
>     a) our site supporting an ontology repository?
>     b) our site supporting a Web-enabled ontology tool (for developing
>     c) none of the above.    (02)

a) sounds like a good idea    (03)

>2) Which ontology tools do you use?
>    a) Can you characterize the tools: i.e., Web-enabled, ontology
>languages supported, cost/licensing, POCs, experience, etc.
>    b) Do you know of a tool provider who might support such a public
>effort, hosted on our site?    (04)

There's an open source tool for browsing KIF-based theories at 
<http://virtual.cvut.cz/kifb/en/> with download at 
<http://einstein.teknowledge.com:8080/SUMO/SUMO_register.jsp?fileType=.zip&fileName=kifb-1-8.tar.gz>.    (05)

It's free.    (06)

>3) Which ontology languages (knowledge representation languages) should
>be the standard(s) for the ontologies?
>    (Some examples: Ontolingua/KIF, Common Logic, OKBC, CycL, RDF/S,
>DAML+OIL, OWL, etc.)    (07)

Unless you want a lossy translation, you'll have to use the most expressive 
language, like KIF.  If you try to express a KIF theory in DAML, all the 
rules are lost.    (08)

>4) Additional Comments?    (09)

Having all ontologies expressed in the same language would be a great 
start.  People continually reinvent the same ontologies in different 
languages.  Once that is done, some serious work can start at comparing and 
integrating existing ontologies.  That's the approach we took to create the 
initial versions of SUMO <http://ontology.teknowledge.com>    (010)

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