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Re: [ontolog] ontology tools and an ontology repository?

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From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:27:29 -0800
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Further to earlier postings on the subject, please respond to the 
attached survey.    (01)

Thank you,
PPY    (02)

P.S. In case the attached doesn't work properly with your mail client, 
the survey is also available at 
http://ontolog.cim3.org/survey/ontolog1.html    (03)


From:    "Leo Obrst"
To:     ontolog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Sent:     Wednesday, November 13, 2002 05:19
Subject:    [ontolog] ontology tools and an ontology repository?
Source:    http://ontolog.cim3.org/forums/ontolog/0211/msg00008.html

We are considering one possibility for our site: an ontology repository,
wherein folks can register ontologies and/or build ontologies using
Web-enabled tools, possibly hosted at our site.

So some questions:

1. How do you feel about:
our site supporting an ontology repository?

Yes No

our site supporting a Web-enabled ontology tool (for developing ontologies)?

Yes No

none of the above.

Not a good idea, because

Which ontology tools do you use?
Ontology tool I use/am familiar with
Can you characterize the tools: i.e., Web-enabled, ontology
languages supported, cost/licensing, POCs, experience, etc.
Do you know of a tool provider who might support such a public
effort, hosted on our site?
Candidate provider

Which ontology languages (knowledge representation languages) should
be the standard(s) for the ontologies?
(Some examples: Ontolingua/KIF, Common Logic, OKBC, CycL, RDF/S,
DAML+OIL, OWL, etc.)
Additional Comments?
My E-mail address is

This online questionnaire was developed by Peter Yim based on Leo Obrst's original posting. E-mail them if there is any question.

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