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This is a scratch workspace for the organization, coordination and planning of the Joint EarthCube-Ontolog Mini-series.    (3CX8)

Theme: "Ontology and Semantic Technology for the Earth Science Community"    (3CX9)

EarthScienceOntolog Organizing Committee Meetings:    (3CXG)

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Candidate Session Schedule & Program:    (3DB8)

 Input: PeterYim/2012.07.17; DaliaVaranka/2012.07.18; NaicongLi; LeoObrst; GaryBergCross; KrishnaSinha; ...    (3DB9)

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Collected Ideas:    (3CXI)

Goals, objectives, expectations - various ideas about the mini-series that have been floated during the 2012_06_21 meeting and the email exchange preceding that - ref.    (3CXJ)

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EarthScienceOntolog Mini-series 2nd Organizing Committee conference call - Fri 2012.08.03    (3DGD)

Conference call details:    (3DGE)

Agenda & Proceedings:    (3DGX)

 [ Audio Archive of the meeting ] ( 1:00:36 ; mp3 ; 6.94 MB)    (3DGY)
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Main Discussion Items    (3DH2)

Confirmed Mini-series Program and Session Co-chairs:    (3DPJ)

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IM Chat Transcript captured during the session:    (3DPK)

 -- begin in-session chat-transcript --    (3DPL)
	[10:56] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3DPM)
	 = EarthScienceOntolog mini-series - 2nd Organizing Committee Meeting =    (3DPN)
	Date: Friday 2012.08.03
	Start time: 2:00pm EDT /11:00am PDT
	Duration: ~1.0 hr (augmented telecon)    (3DPO)
	 == Agenda & Proceedings: ==    (3DPP)
	[10:59] PeterYim:    (3DPQ)
	1. to adopt our mini-series "Mission"    (3DGQ)
	2. to adopt our mini-series "Program"    (3DGR)
	3. clarify and identify all co-chair roles    (3DGS)
	4. share thoughts and coordinate session content and panelists invitations.    (3DGT)
	5. streamlining the organizing committee (so we have people who can really dedicate the time and effort); 
           anyone else we should bring in?    (3DGU)
	6. more "co-organizers" and "supporting communities" (before we close this off?)    (3DGV)
	7. Any other business    (3DGW)    (3DPR)
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	[11:06] PeterYim: -- session starts: 11:06am PDT --    (3DPV)
	[11:09] PeterYim: Krishna announced an input from the NSF program coordinator, Barbara Ransom, 
        ref. funding of the 6 Geoscience-oriented workshops, which he will forward to everyone shortly    (3DPW)
	[11:12] KrishnaSinha: here's what Barbara sent over ...    (3DPX)
	We are in the process of funding 7 Geo end-user workshops here in our 2012 fiscal year and there will likely 
        be 10 or more that will follow in our next FY which starts October 1.  Prior to the June meeting, many of you 
        expressed a desire to have direct input from geoscience end users to help progress your activities.  
        Our geo end-user workshops will provide captive audiences who will be able to provide you with the information 
        you need; and we would be happy to make sure you  get the information you want, in the appropriate format.    (3DPY)
	The present slate of funded, or soon to be funded workshops to be held before the end of 2012 are:    (3DPZ)
	1. An early career workshop on sedimentary systems and landscape dynamics    (3DQ0)
	2. An early career workshop that cut across all of the geosciences and cyber/computer science 
           (this grew out of meetings with the early career people who came to the June meeting)    (3DQ1)
	3. A workshop for EarthScope PIs that involves geophysicists as well as sedimentary/crustal geoscientists    (3DQ2)
	4. A workshop involving the hydrological sciences community and sponsored by CUAHSI    (3DQ3)
	5. A workshop for critical zone (soil) scientists    (3DQ4)
	6. A workshop for paleobiologists and sedimentologists    (3DQ5)
	7. A workshop focused on the need of geoscientists in tectonics, structure, and geochronology
	//    (3DQ6)
	[11:15] KrzysztofJanowicz: Who will be invited to these workshops and where to find information about them?    (3DQ7)
	[11:18] PeterYim: NancyWiegand joins ... (no computer access though)    (3DQ8)
	[11:38] anonymous1 morphed into NaicongLi    (3DQ9)
	[11:19] PeterYim: NaicongLi joins    (3DQA)
	[11:20] PeterYim: [consensus] ALL: "Mission Statement" - ref. - adopted    (3DQB)
	[11:22] KrishnaSinha: suggesting candidate panelist: Boyan Brodaric, Geological Survey of Canada 
                              ... and Calvin Barnes, Texas Tech    (3DQC)
	[11:22] Krishna & Leo: we are pushing the kick-off session date out to either Aug-16 or Aug-23    (3DQD)
	[11:24] PeterYim: [confirmed] session-1 date now changed to Aug-23    (3DQE)
	[11:26] PeterYim: [consensus] ALL: the rest of the proposed dates for sessions 2 to 5 confirmed    (3DQF)
	[11:27] PeterYim: see session schedule and co-chairs at:    (3DQG)
	[11:26] GaryBergCross: We don't know when the NSF workshops might be , so we may run into conflicts despite our best efforts.    (3DQH)
	[11:43] PeterYim: besides suggested session guidelines - ref. discussion thread starting at: 
        - we should all leave 30~45 minutes for discussion at each session    (3DQI)
	[11:43] GaryBergCross: Let's be opportunistic and flexible. Plan what we can and get buy in from earth 
        scientists early on and find a space to get them involved also later in sessions like on methodology.    (3DQJ)
	[11:44] GaryBergCross: We should leave space in each session, say 30 minutes, for open discussion. 
        But also if earth scientists are heavily involved early on make sure we let ontologists and LoP folks 
        the chance to respond before the end of the series.    (3DQK)
	[11:46] Krishna: [action] I will post a link to the EarthScienceOntolog mini-series at the EarthCube Semantics website    (3DQL)
	[11:47] == more suggestions on content / panelists ...    (3DQM)
	[11:48] DaliaVaranka suggested candidate presenters for the Tutorial session might include: LeoObrst, James Wilson and herself.    (3DQN)
	[11:48] KrzysztofJanowicz: Glen Hart ordnance survey    (3DQO)
	[11:48] anonymous: Marine Science and Interoperability Center, SDSC have cataloged a lot of ontologies relevant to earth science    (3DQP)
	[11:48] KrzysztofJanowicz: Todd Pehle, Orbis    (3DQQ)
	[11:48] DaliaVaranka: For the tutorial group, we could ask the IAOA summer school on ontological analysis to 
        speak about the summer school outcomes, plans, and support for earth science. The IAOA has a GeoSemantics SIG, 
        led by WernerKuhn and JohnBateman, and they could be ontologist partners.    (3DQR)
	[11:48] PeterYim: indeed, IAOA (and their GeoSemantics SIG) has already agreed to get involved in this effort 
        and they are listed this mini-series as an "IAOA Supported Event"    (3DQS)
	[11:49] KrzysztofJanowicz: ESIP - Peter Fox (RPI Tetherless World Constellation)    (3DQT)
	[11:49] GaryBergCross: community voc data models include GeoSciML, ClimateML, SoilML,    (3DQU)
	[11:51] KrzysztofJanowicz: Michael Lutz and Sven Schade from INSPIRE    (3DQV)
	[11:52] GaryBergCross: LuisBermudez at OGC has had connections to MMI and I can check with him.    (3DQW)
	[11:52] DaliaVaranka: For session 4: Ask MarkSchildhauer to co-chair; invite ESIP, some scientists from IGARSS. I would be happy to switch to session 4.    (3DQX)
	[11:53] GaryBergCross: HydroCatalog is part of CUAHSI and has Voc. Nogueras-Iso is one contact on INSPIRE    (3DQY)
	[11:55] GaryBergCross: Janet Fredericks is also involved with MMI and was at the EC Charrette.    (3DQZ)
	[12:02] DaliaVaranka: Dave Kolas (BBN) replied that he may be interested - very taken up with a new daughter right now 
        - but he would be a wonderful resource for a GeoSPARQL tutorial, which is extremely important to geospatial ontology.    (3DR0)
	[11:56] KrzysztofJanowicz: I have to leave now    (3DR1)
	[11:57] DaliaVaranka: bye    (3DR2)
	[11:57] GaryBergCross: MMI list of vocabularies at    (3DR3)
	[12:00] PeterYim: [confirmed] co-chair for session-4 will now be DaliaVaranka & MarkSchildhauer 
        (Dalia is contacting Mark to get his confirmation)    (3DR4)
	[12:02] PeterYim: co-chairs for session-5 will be NancyWiegand and MikeDean (tentative .. will confirm with Mike)    (3DR5)
	[12:06] PeterYim: let's make sure we engage earth scientists as much as we can; we need to try, possibly with 
        NSF's help, to engage each and every one of the principals driving the upcoming seven (or so) Geo end-user workshops    (3DR6)
	[12:07] PeterYim: -- session ended: 12:06pm PDT --    (3DR7)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (3DR8)
 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2012.08.03-12:06pm PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (3DRJ)

EarthScienceOntolog Mini-series 3rd Organizing Committee conference call - Fri 2012.10.19    (3GBH)

Conference call details:    (3GBI)

Agenda & Proceedings:    (3GC3)

 [ Archive of the meeting ] ( 1:11:57 ; mp3 ; 8.24 MB)    (3GC4)
 [ chat-transcript ]    (3GC5)

Main Discussion Items    (3GC8)

1. quick progress check:    (3GC9)

2. share thoughts and coordinate session content and panelists invitations for the remaining sessions (4 & 5)    (3GCE)

see: chat transcript below.    (3GCF)

3. finalize session-4 plans    (3GCG)

The session-4 panelists/briefings line-up is now: LuisBermudez, BoyanBrodaric, NormanMorrison, ThomasHuang (on SWEET) (to be confirmed), MarkSchildhauer (on joint work by BenAdams & MarkSchildhauer)    (3GCH)

4. what follows? ... after all 5 sessions    (3GCI)

... thoughts? ... discussion    (3GCJ)

5. Any other business    (3GCK)

IM Chat Transcript captured during the session:    (3GCM)

 -- begin in-session chat-transcript --    (3GCN)
	[10:08] PeterYim: Let's start    (3GDE)
	[10:17] DaliaVaranka: I just sent a message to Thomas Huang to speak during the 4th session.    (3GDF)
	[10:19] LeoObrst: Starting, rejoining, was in transit.    (3GDG)
	[10:19] PeterYim: good timing to start a "preparation" mail thread that includes the co-chairs and 
        all panelists and copied to the [mini-series-org] list, to get everyone coordinated    (3GDH)
	[10:21] PeterYim: attendees: DaliaVaranka, LeoObrst, MarkSchildhauer, PeterYim, KrishnaSinha, GaryBergCross,    (3GDI)
	[10:20] KrishnaSinha: we might also want to give consideration to AGI Atmospheric and Marine Science too    (3GDJ)
	[10:21] MarkSchildhauer:    (3GDK)
	[10:24] anonymous morphed into GaryBergCross    (3GDL)
	[10:27] KrishnaSinha uploaded file: Foundation Ontology June 27, 2012.jpg|23    (3GDM)
	[10:32] PeterYim: KrishnaSinha's uploaded jpeg image is now accessible as:    (3GDN)
	[10:35] GaryBergCross: BoyanBrodaric can also address some of this issue for geology and geo-science.    (3GDO)
	[10:37] Mark: let's stay focused on the session-4 theme: Review of the field of ontologies for earth science 
        (and existing ontologies)    (3GDP)
	[10:40] Dalia / Mark: the session-4 panelists/briefings line-up is now: LuisBermudez, BoyanBrodaric, NormanMorrison, ThomasHuang? (SWEET), MarkSchildhauer (on joint work by BenAdams & MarkSchildhauer)    (3GDQ)
	[10:47] PeterYim: @Mark & Dalia: please have your panelists read over the page at: 
        ... especially the section "For the SPEAKERS"    (3GDR)
	[10:49] PeterYim: Again, please refer to logistic details at: and    (3GDS)
	[10:51] PeterYim: the developing session page will be at: 
        ... that will (eventually) be the one-stop place to visit for session-4 (for everyone, co-chairs, panelists, and participants alike)    (3GDT)
	[10:52] KrishnaSinha uploaded file: Plate tectonics June 27, 2012.jpg|34    (3GDU)
	[10:56] PeterYim: this next jpeg from KrishnaSinha is now accessible as:    (3GDV)
	[10:52] KrishnaSinha: within solid earthscience domain...this is one of the conceptual frameworks 
        (its been published) captures a lot of other ontologies    (3GDW)
	[11:02] PeterYim: == 4. what follows? ... after all 5 sessions    (3GDX)
	[11:10] Krishna: discussion among NSF - EarthCube has a social component, engineering component and science component    (3GDY)
	[11:13] PeterYim: [consensus] we will carve out the final speaking slot on session-5 for KrishnaSinha and 
        Leo to do a conclusion/next-steps piece. KrishnaSinha will also invite NSF folks (Barbara Ransom or 
        Clifford Jacobs) to do a 5 minutes within that wrap-up as well    (3GDZ)
	[11:14] GaryBergCross: KrishnaSinha What is the next workshop that you know is planned? I can't keep up 
        with this and am not sure I am hearing enough of what is going on.    (3GE0)
	[11:16] GaryBergCross: Our 3rd session covered heterogeneity so perhaps we can put some write ups from that 
        on the Ning site.    (3GE1)
	[11:16] GaryBergCross: We may need a session after 5 on light wt methods. Maybe session 5 could start on that aspect.    (3GE2)
	[11:18] Krishna: the session-5 Dec-6 date may be in conflict with the upcoming AGU meeting. Let's make sure.    (3GE3)
	[11:19] GaryBergCross: American geophysical Union in Dec.    (3GE4)
	[11:20] GaryBergCross: AGU Fall Meeting 2012: 37 December, San Francisco, CA, USA.    (3GE5)
	[11:20] PeterYim: session-5 will supposedly be on 6-Dec-2012 ... but AGU is on Dec 3~7 ... so there's a 
        schedule conflict ... we should let NancyWiegand & MikeDean know and come up with an alternate date for session-5    (3GE6)
	[11:21] PeterYim: -- session ended: 11:20am PDT --    (3GE7)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (3GCO)
 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2012.10.19-11:21am PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (3GCP)