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Re: [EarthScienceOntolog] Session topics and co-chairs for each

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I like these suggestions and I think some of them are interlinked. One of the missing links is
this suggestion:  Needs and criteria for earth science semantic systems.

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Subject: [EarthScienceOntolog] Session topics and co-chairs for each

Dear All,

The suggestion that this mini-series be made up of 4 to 5 sessions
makes perfect sense (ref.

Besides the topic for the kick-off session, we still need to identify,
say 4 more topics (session titles) and to sequence them coherently.
Here's a draft calendar:

Session-1: Thu 2012_08_09 - co-chairs: KrishnaSinha & LeoObrst -
"Value Proposition of Ontology and Semantic Technology for the Earth
Science Community"

Session-2: Thu 2012_09_06 - co-chairs: ?? & ?? - " ??? "

Session-3: Thu 2012_10_11 - co-chairs: ?? & ?? - " ??? "

Session-4: Thu 2012_11_08 - co-chairs: ?? & ?? - " ??? "

Session-5: Thu 2012_12_06 - co-chairs: ?? & ?? - " ??? "

Here are some of the suggested topics so far  ... (in no particular
order, I may also have missed some, so please add ...)

* [KrzysztofJanowicz / PascalHitzler] Value proposition
** [NaicongLi / KrishnaSinha] how can Ontologies help address the need
of resource organization, discovery and access, interoperability among
the resources.

* [GaryBergCross] suggest to have a presentation on how the SDS team
went about developing the ontologies as well as demoing the SDS
Knowledge Portal. (by NaicongLi)

* [KrishnaSinha] enumerating existing ontologies applicable to geo science

* [KrishnaSinha] how do we evaluate these existing ontologies?

* [GaryBergCross] methodologies that would provide benefits

* [PascalHitzler] tutorials to provide the targeted audience with
further insights into semantic technologies
** [GaryBergCross]help earth scientists better understand what "semantics" is
** [NancyWiegand] semantic tutorials regarding geospatial data ... we
could add earth science examples. (by JamesWilson et al.)
** [NancyWiegand] how to represent earth science data as linked  data,
especially remote sensing or sensor type data. Maybe this has been
done already.


1. Please suggest more topics

2. please suggest how we should best sequence them into 4 more
sessions (after the kick-off session)

3. please team up (say, two to three co-chairs per session) and
"adopt" your favorite topic/session which you team will start to

4. suggest panelists for particular topics.

Look forward to hear from everyone between now and this Friday.

Thanks & regards. =ppy
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