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[EarthScienceOntolog] session-1: "Value Proposition" - Thu 2012.08.23 -

To: EarthScienceOntolog Mini-series Planning <mini-series-org@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 13:35:08 -0700
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Dear Leo, Krishna, Krzysztof, Dalia, Pascal, Mike and All,    (01)

Thank you all, especially Leo and Krishna, this first session seems to
be coming together real well. I am confident that we will have a
wonderful kick-off. The challenge, next, is for everyone in the
organizing committee to help make sure people from their related
communities who can contribute-to, or gain-from this Earth Science
Ontology Dialog to participate in this kick-off event and the ensuing
four panel sessions.    (02)

I have the first cut of the session page up now. See:    (03)

The following is for the co-chairs and panelists in general (of
course, for the Aug-23 session folks in particular):    (04)

- final session plans (session title/abstract & list of panelists) due
two weeks before event time (for session-1 - done)    (05)

- final agenda (briefing titles/abstracts, speaking order, speaker
bios) due 10 days before event time (for session-1 - done)    (06)

- slides for all presentations (co-chair intro slides, and all
panelists with a presentation) due end-of-day on the Tuesday before
the (Thursday) session date (for session-1, slides are due by end Tue
8/21)    (07)

- please make sure you and all your panelists have had a chance top
read through the VirtualSpeakerSessionTip, especially the section
marked "For the SPEAKERS",) it's at: ...
It should help answer questions anyone may have about the session
settings and provide guidelines on how best to prepare the
presentations.    (08)

- kindly make sure you (and your panelists) have had a chance to
(create if necessary) review and bring up-to-date your namesake pages
(the page with your name as the page title, like or ) on the wiki. [Feel
free to send me the edits, if you have issues making edits, so i can
post them for you.]    (09)

After this message, I am going to put together an "official
announcement" and have that circulated.    (010)

- I will do the Ontolog and IAOA lists    (011)

- Krishna, will you please forward (or paraphrase) the announcement to
the [Sem-cg] and other geo-science community lists, please    (012)

- Gary, will you to do the same for the SOCoP list, please    (013)

- everyone else, please help circulate this too (to other pertinent
lists, or via social media) and encourage individuals whom you think
should get involved to come join us next Thursday.    (014)

Please review the session page and tweak it (correct typos, edit or
add reference pertinent to your own presentation, etc.) as you deem
fit.  ... Anyhow, we can all
continue to refine this so we can jointly craft a really compelling
session for the community!    (015)

Thanks & regards. =ppy    (016)

p.s. anyone (say, if your invited speaker asks you) who wants to see
what a similar "final product" looks like (with all artifacts of the
session fully archived), please refer to the session at -
--    (017)

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