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Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 19:26:19 +0400
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I like mention of System components (this is similar to "method components"
in situational method engineering and can encompass subsystems as well as
system's behavior, life cycle, stakeholders, holonic mereology etc.). And
this is better than "ontology of system approach" ("approach" is a marker of
transfer of concept set of one domain to another) or "ontology of system
thinking" (this is not about engineering of things).    (01)

I suggest to take not the (specialty engineering) Design Language
interoperability, but subset of such languages: Architectural Language
expressiveness and interoperability. Architectural languages (SysML,
ArchiMate, AADL, OPDL etc.) directly connected to concept of System
component and we will be able immediately test System component insights.
All of Architectural languages express small part of foundational ontology
and this is connected with expressiveness of them. Mapping of different
Architectural languages to Systems components ontology will deal with
Interoperability of these.    (02)

Best regards,
Anatoly Levenchuk
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>  Gentlemen,
>  Thank you very much for your contributions yesterday. Your talks
>  raised considerable interest.
>  If there is a problem, it is that there is just too much material to go
at in the
>  remainder of the Ontology Summit on this track. So I would ask you each
>  nominate just two focussed topics from the discussions last night, that
>  would like to see progress made during the rest of the summit.
>  Mine are:
>  - Ontology of System Components
>  - Design Language Interoperability
>  Regards
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