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To: "'Ontology Summit 2012 discussion'" <ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "'Jack Ring'" <jring7@xxxxxxxxx>
From: "Anatoly Levenchuk" <ailev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 13:45:28 +0400
Message-id: <051601ccde6a$bc4945c0$34dbd140$@asmp.msk.su>
>  > JR: The main issue that arose from the material I presented was the
>  > that ontology is not equivalent to algorithm.
>  MW: That is already interesting. I think Anatoly was saying the opposite,
>  algorithms and ontology were closely intertwined. Could you elaborate on
>  what you mean? Equivalent leaves almost identical, but not quite as an
>  option. How different do you see them and in what way?    (01)

AL: Declarative programming still programming. There is DATA and INTERPRETER
("solver" that "compute" with input of data). You always can interpret data
(e.g. ontology), you can have many kinds of interpretations, you can regard
your (declarative, ontology) data as algorithm-1 for you interpreter
(interpreter is also algorithm-2 that can have another interpreter up in
chain up to hardware).     (02)

Next my point: programming, modeling, ontologizing is the same (and stem
from philosophical logic). And they start to converge (e.g. Domain-Driven
Programming, Model-Driven-Programming, trend to declarative programming,
Wolfram's Mathematica as programming language, participating of modeling
environment Meta++ in language workbench competition, executive UML, etc..)    (03)

Next my point (that I modify from Alan Kay's discussion of contemporary
programming): today's programming/modeling/ontologizing is
e_small) and resulting program/model/ontology components reside in different
nodes of computation network. It is not OOP or functional or logic, it is
multiparadigmal programming/modeling/ontologizing that only add complexity.
Alan Key then notes about "messaging" paradigm that have clear win over
"procedure call" paradigm in this network programming environment. This
ontologizing-in-the-large lead to your need to define not only
ontology-as-algorithm but also communication protocol between ontology
components that reside in different nodes. I doubt that mantra about
"federation" is helpful here. If you have web programming (that is in
essence programming-in-the-large) you speak not about "federating" of
web-server, load balancer, database, web-page generation, ad banner
importing, etc. but have another engineering approach (while all that
software developed by different organizations and reside on different
computers).    (04)

Best regards,
Anatoly Levenchuk
TechInvestLab, Moscow, Russia
Skype: levenchuk    (05)

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