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On 7/24/13 11:08 AM, John F Sowa wrote:
 From http://www.w3.org/2005/12/31-daml-final.html
> we have for the last 5 years been doing the equivalent of developing
> relational databases without SQL. The query language, SPARQL, now in the
> final stages of standardization, is for many people a key to the usability
> of semantic web data.
That is *not* what Tim said about SQL.  There is nothing wrong with
designing a YAQL (Yet Another Query Language), but it was hopelessly
naive to think that they could replace the language that runs the world
economy and the overwhelming majority of commercial web sites.


The Semantic Web (and RDF heavy) narrative typically misses the opportunity to present SPARQL as being all about unveiling the missing intensional dimension (so to speak) or relational database technology.

SPARQL (relational property/predicate graphs) and SQL (relational tables) compliment one another in powerful ways. Sadly, the tendency is to think of SPARQL as a "rip and replace" alternative for SQL which drives a majority of the worlds database driven solutions.


1. http://bit.ly/1cucOlE -- Conceptual Graphs as a DBMS Interface (John Sowa circa. 1976 paper).
2. http://bit.ly/YTdz3N -- Unified View of Data (Peter Chen circa., 1976 paper).
3. http://bit.ly/18zEZQl -- QUEL (from Ingres Implementation White Paper circa., 1976)
4. http://bit.ly/17Dkykk -- Codd's Criticisms of SQL.



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