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This uses Semantic Mediawiki syntax.

  [[namespace:pagename]] is a page in a wiki
  [[#type:objname]] is a subobject attached to a page
  [[namespace:+]] includes all pages in a namespace
  [[category:catname]] includes only pages in the category 
  [[property-name:: <q></q>]] includes pages with a property
       whose value is in the set returned by subquery <q></q>

If a Meme is a kind of premise for an "Oxford Idea", then a simple solution is to qualify the Premise value object (for an "Idea") with Category:Mememic. To retrieve all Ideas whose premises are memes boils down to querying an Idea namespace for all pages which have Mememic Premises:

   [[Category:Oxford]] [[Idea:+]]
   [[has:: <q>[[Category:Mememic]] [[.id::~Premise:*]]</q> ]]

Within an Idea namespace, a page might exist named [[Idea: Style:Craftsman Home]] containing values for properties like

Premise. statement of the idea's 'if' portion (what)
Outcome. significant qualifiable events pursuant to the idea (why)
Creator. identifies actors associated with the idea (who)
Lifecycle. significant events related to the life of an idea (when)
Category. adjectives descriptive of the idea eg hare-brained (how much)
Provenance. SKOS, Dublin Core, cataloging & context info

Property values are generally page subobjects, linked to the page via tenses of the has possessive verb.

- has [[#Premise:id]]
- has [[#Outcome:id]]
- has [[#Lifecycle:id]]
- has [[#Creator:id]]
- has [[Category:name]]

- has [[#Sentence]]
- has [[Category:name]]

- has [[#Event:id]]
- has [[Category:name]]

- has [[#Event:id]]
- has [[Category:name]]

The above is an example of "dotGrammar" modelling, only used within semantic mediawiki contexts, that was the subject of a reply I sent to the Compound Nouns post.


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