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William, that’s precisely the kind of argument that I described; theory is only theory, and is only useful for generalizing observations until you can get some predictability.  While that approach is useful for science, it is worthless in practical application development.  Theory has no practical value, though it has immense scientific value. 


I have never seen an application developed in French.





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Happy Turkey Day Everyone!



John Sowa wrote:


  1. Why aren't mainstream IT and web sites using ontologies?



the vast majority a don’t get anything extra from an ontology that XML can’t provide with far more supporting infrastructure. 

This seems like a category mistake -- two categories of things treated as if they are commensurate -  an ontology is a theory, XML is a language, in which a theory might be expressed.

Compare:  "the vast majority don't get anything extra from number theory that French, (or first order logic, or JSON, ..., or OWL) can't provide." 

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