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From: John F Sowa <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 08:01:36 -0500
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Pat, Duane, Piotr, and Kingsley,    (01)

I must confess that I have a large background of unfinished papers and
books that I should be working on.  These email notes have been useful
to me because they help clarify issues I have been writing about.  But
I really have to get back to writing the things I promised.    (02)

And I am also a partner in VivoMind Research, LLC, for which I also
have a backlog of work I must be doing.  This work actually brings
in cash.  The amount has not been much so far, but we have some very
impressive applications that have the potential to bring in much more.    (03)

>> I have no funding or organization to set up a group.    (04)

> All you need is some other people who agree with you enough to be willing
> to draft a proposal. The actual process needs volunteer effort, but does
> not require funding. I have never received a dime for the work I have
> done for the W3C.    (05)

I have drafted proposals and occasionally got some funding.  There are
very few activities I hate more than drafting proposals.    (06)

> And if you get enough 'buzz', then other participants who are members
> may want to take part.    (07)

I get more "buzz" from writing books and papers and giving lectures to
groups that pay my expenses.  I think I'll go back to plan A & B above.    (08)

> One thought that crossed my mind was to consider making this forum more of
> a group with a voice within the standards world.  This would take a bit of
> work but is possible.  Peter and I would have to work out the IP policy
> (with the help of anyone with a law degree) in more detail WRT FOSS
> licenses.  My personal thoughts are that there is sufficient work being
> done here to be recognized as an SDO.  This would require anyone talking
> about software in the context of standards to adhere to an IPR policy that
> is acceptable to other orgs.    (09)

That is a possibility.  Peter has been very supportive in providing the
web site, conference calls, and email lists.  This might be a good topic
for the annual events that Peter organizes at NIST every April.    (010)

> To become an "invited expert". A chair of a W3C invites you to participate...    (011)

Perhaps it would be better to start with Duane's idea.  We could develop
the material during the next few months and prepare a series of talks
that could be presented at NIST in April.  We could also invite some
influential W3C members to speak at that conference.    (012)

>> Would anybody actively working in the W3C pay attention to such ideas?    (013)

> Yes they would, for sure. That's partly why Pat's encouraging you to do so    (014)

If so, we could invite them to a conference at NIST.    (015)

John    (016)

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