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Re: [ontolog-forum] Accommodating legacy software

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From: John F Sowa <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2012 11:26:31 -0400
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Andries,    (01)

> I think it is a pity that you did not take Gellish Formal English into
> account in your overview.    (02)

If I had known of it, I would certainly have discussed it.  But when I
presented that talk in 2009, I had never heard of it.  The main source
for CNLs at that time was the CNL Home Page by Rolf Schwitter.  It's
a pity that the Gellish developers/users were disjoint from the rest
of the CNL community at that time.    (03)

> 1. I question whether logic and reasoning and the bridge to natural language
> interpretation should have such a strong emphasis.
> In my view information exchange, information integration and unambiguous
> interpretation should precede that.    (04)

I agree that the uses you cite are very important for practical
applications.  In fact, the title of my talk was "Controlled Natural
Languages for Semantic Systems".  The applications I discussed are
along the lines you mention.    (05)

But I also wanted to emphasize the use of CNLs as a bridge between
human languages and formal languages.  That is why they are good for
the applications you address.    (06)

> 2. In your slide about 'Multiple Word Senses' you don't distinguish between
> the meaning of a concept and the various words and phrases that can denote
> such a concept...    (07)

The theoretical and practical issues about word senses, concepts,
meaning, and ontology have been analyzed and debated for over two
millennia without reaching a consensus.    (08)

Following are the slides for a 3-hour tutorial I presented on those
topics in June of this year:    (09)

    http://www.jfsowa.com/talks/kdptut.pdf    (010)

For anybody interested in reverse engineering COBOL programs, see the
last example before the end (Slides 123 to 128).    (011)

John    (012)

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