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Rich,    (01)

I don't want to get into more debates, but I have to correct
the following point:    (02)

> You know, the man who claimed to have invented the internet?    (03)

He never said that.    (04)

The original technology that became the foundation for the Internet
was started in 1969.    (05)

But Al Gore became one of the primary leaders in promoting legislation
on computer telecommunications as congressman in the 1970s and as a
senator in the 1980s.  He was one of the very few people in Congress
who not only knew something about the subject, but was actively
promoting it.    (06)

He was involved with legislation for the transition from the Arpanet
(which had been limited to DoD and vendors and universities that dealt
with the DoD) to the open-access Internet.    (07)

He also sponsored and worked on multiple bills for supercomputers
and networks during the 1980s.  A bill in 1991, commonly called the
Gore Bill, promoted the development of high-speed networks.  It also
funded a project at the U. of Illinois called Mosaic, which led to
the first browser that supported pictures.  The Mosaic software
was freely distributed and became the foundation for all modern
browsers -- including both Netscape and Internet Explorer.    (08)

Gore didn't invent the Internet, but anybody who uses the WWW
today can thank him for promoting some of the most critical
technology in it.  For more detail, see the Wikipedia article:    (09)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Gore_and_information_technology    (010)

Another thing that Gore did as Vice President was to promote
a report on Al Qaeda, which was finished in December 2000.
When Bush became president in 2001, he dismissed that report
and everything else done by his predecessors.    (011)

During August 2001, Bush ignored all the warnings that were
coming thick and fast and spent the whole month on vacation
in Texas.    (012)

I'm sure that President Al Gore would have taken those warnings
seriously, and we would still have our Twin Towers standing tall
and proud at the tip of Manhattan.    (013)

John    (014)

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